Triennial in 5 Weeks!

We are weeks away from the 2024 Triennial Conference taking place in St. Paul, Minnesota. The NAB community of churches has been connecting every three years since the first Triennial in 1865.

The last Triennial in 2021 was celebrated virtually due to the global pandemic. Much has happened in the six years since the last time we all gathered together in person. We have welcomed new pastors and new churches. We have experienced God’s goodness and grace as we have ministered together. The world continues to need the transforming power of God in Jesus.

The theme of our 2024 Triennial is “Becoming a People of Peace.” As members of the NAB community of churches, we need to keep embracing what it means to know the peace of God in our lives. As NAB churches – as communities of faith in God through Jesus – we need to seek God’s peace as we work together. As recipients of God’s peace, we need to offer this peace to the people God has brought around us and God sends us to.

The 2024 Triennial Conference will be a place to renew acquaintances and make new one. It will provide us an opportunity to celebrate God’s working in, among, and through us. It will encourage us to be reminded of the mission God is on in our world and in our lives. It will be a time to worship the God who brings peace.

I ask you to pray that the 2024 Triennial Conference in St. Paul would be a significant moment of God speaking to his people in the NAB. Please pray for our unity as a Conference and for a clear discernment of God’s leading.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you. Thank you for your prayers.

For those of you still deciding on whether to come, we would love to have you be a part of this Triennial.

Dr. Harry Kelm
NAB Executive Director

Still haven’t registered for Triennial because you can’t make it to every day of the conference? Then we have good news for you! We have just opened up Day Passes, allowing you to attend for part of the time without needing to pay the full cost. The cost is broken up by the days:

  • Thursday/Friday – $119
  • Saturday (including banquet) – $119
  • Sunday (including brunch) – $59

If you choose to attending via Day Passes, you can choose up to two, mixing and matching to attend whatever days you are able.

(Please note that the Thursday/Friday Day Pass does not allow entry until after 6:00 p.m.; only those attending via the full conference registration will be allowed to attend the Business Meeting.)

Since the beginning of May, the southernmost state of Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul – has been suffering from the worst flood in the state’s history. Entire cities and neighborhoods were submerged in days, and the waters are only now just starting to recede. NAB missionaries Lyndell Campbell-Réquia and Brandon & Marci Jones, who serve at the Baptist seminary in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, have been at the forefront of relief efforts from the very beginning.

In the past weeks, more than $56,000 has been donated to these relief efforts. Thank you for giving. Every gift will help individuals and families in the midst of this tragedy, some of whom have lost everything they own. Please continue to keep the nation of Brazil and its people in your prayers. You can click on the links below to give.

The newest edition of the TouchPoint, the NAB Women’s Connection newsletter, is out now! Inside, you can read all about:

  • The Women’s Connection Luncheon at Triennial, including the fundraising project to assist some of our sisters in Cameroon.
  • Recaps of events in North Dakota and Washington.
  • An interview with Maureen Moody, NAB missionary in Cameroon.
  • And suggestions of spring book studies for your local women’s ministry.

Click on the link below to read the newest copy. You can also sign up to receive a copy directly in your inbox.

We recently discovered a glitch related to emails sent to an address associated with the NAB Heritage Commission. Unfortunately, a number of emails sent to, some of which were several years old, were not being forwarded to the Archives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Heritage Commission Director Randy Tschetter is working to identify and respond to these missed email messages. We apologize for this error and encourage you to contact with requests for information.