The Journey on Mission

Elsie Arrives in Romania!

Last March, we shared that Elsie Lewandowski, an NAB missionary to Cameroon for twenty-six years, was taking on a new adventure in missions: serving in Romania, helping the Bergman children with their educational needs. Despite a few delays and setbacks in the last year, we are happy to report that Elsie has now arrived in Romania!

Chief among those setbacks was a medical diagnosis in the middle of last year. As Elsie shared in her November 2021 newsletter, “It has been an exciting journey of watching God go through his checklist and answer every one of my needs and prayer requests with a check mark. It began with the discovery of an unknown mass pushing my optic nerve, to the removal of my right eye and the mass, and continues with radiation. But the journey!!” (You can read up on this journey in her August, November, and February newsletters.) Throughout it all, Elsie has been joyfully trusting in God’s providence, and he continues to provide.

Most recently, Elsie spoke of God’s hand at work. . . .

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Church Planter Assessment: June 6–8

For every NAB church planter, the first step of the journey is a planter assessment. Just ask Michael Burwell, pastor of Koinos Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which just held their first service on Easter Sunday. He suggests anyone thinking about planting a church go through assessment. “It’s definitely gonna help. You will get challenged, and it will make you think.”

“I’m a visionary,” he said. “Having to go through the challenge of putting together the details [of what the church would look like] was really helpful. They ask a lot of questions to gauge what kind of leader you’ll be and how you make decisions.”

Above all, according to Michael, the planter assessment “will help you figure out if you are ready.”

The next planter assessment Discovery Center is taking place June 6–8 in Dallas, Texas. If you want to know if you’re ready to plant, or even if you’re just curious about what it takes, contact Stu Streeter.

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Spring 2022 Onward: Journey on Mission

If it hasn’t already, the newest edition of Onward will soon be hitting your mailbox. This issue looks at what it means to be on mission for God in the current context of the NAB. It includes articles and updates from Women’s Connection, Kairos University, White Cross, and other ministry partners, as well as various leaders across the NAB.

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