Reunions, Gatherings, and More

Amber Pedroni is one of the original visionaries and members of the Retired Workers’ Retreat planning committee. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Amber and ask her a few questions about the upcoming Retired Workers’ Retreat & Reunion.

Caryn Young: What makes this event so special?

Amber Pedroni: Seeing the longevity of the retired missionaries and pastors that I have gotten to know since attending the retreat. The camaraderie that they share and how they are invested in their ministries and each other’s lives. It is also a lot of fun!

Caryn: What is something that you are looking forward to?

Amber: Reuniting with some that I have not seen since the beginning of the pandemic. Spending extended time meeting new retired workers. Getting to be together at Cedar Springs is very special.

Caryn: What do you want to say to those who are considering attending the retreat in May?

Amber: I know it may be far for some, and certainly there is a cost, but the joy, worship, and connection is so worth it!

This year, Amber will be joining us, along with current retiring missionaries Elsie Lewandowski, Calvin and Susanne Hohn, and Dennis and Nancy Palmer. We invite you to join us for this special commemorative event! Mark your calendars for May 15–17, 2023, and be sure to register at the link below.

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This month’s Missional Initiatives newsletter comes to us from Merv Bud, Equipping Evangelist on the Missional Initiatives team. The newsletter includes an article titled “The Tail That Wags the Dog,” a story of a broken system, and a book recommendation to help better understand how to fix broken systems in the church setting.

We hope this monthly newsletter is an encouragement to you in the communities where you serve.

Read the April Newsletter

The official deadline to register for this year’s Planter Summit and Bonfire has official come and gone, but there is good news: there are a few spots still available, but only until the end of today!

Planter Summit – April 24–26, 2023 – is for NAB church planters, church revitalizers, and micro-church leaders who seek to attune their hearts more closely with the heart of God. This year’s speaker is Jeff Vanderstelt, author of Saturate. Bonfire – April 25–27, 2023 – is for all those who have given themselves to joining God on mission in their various contexts. David Fitch, author of Faithful Presence, will be the key speaker at Bonfire.

Central to these annual events, taking place in Chicago, Illinois, is the understanding that who we are becoming matters.

Sign up below before the end of April 13 to guarantee your spot!

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For centuries, the cross has been a symbol of the promise of good fruit on the other side of suffering: the restoration of all things. Since war broke out in Ukraine, NAB missionaries who work in Eastern Europe have been serving as emissaries of this promise by providing resources, care, and support to some of those who need it most, serving as agents of peace in any way they can.

While all these efforts have been supported through overwhelming generosity of those who have given to the Ukraine World Relief Fund, it is ongoing gifts to the Global Missions Fund that support NAB missionaries as they plant Kingdom fruit globally, be it in times of peace or unrest. Visit one of the links below to give to the Spring Missions Offering in support of NAB international missionary work. You can also read more about the unique ways NAB missionaries have worked with Ukrainians and refugees by visiting

Spring Mission Offering – Canada

Spring Mission Offering – US