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Jesus was sent as “a light to guide the nations” (Isaiah 42:6 NLT). As His followers, we reflect that light. Jesus even instructs us to be a light that shines brightly, like a city on a hill, displaying the glory of God in everything we do. Will you join us in spreading His light on Sunday, March 18, by bringing a special missions offering for the work of North American Baptist missions around the globe?

Your gift will help support those like Nick and Iris, two NAB missionaries shining as bright lights for God in one of the darkest areas of the world. For the past four years working as life coaches in East Asia, they have been making an indelible mark on the lives of many. They are often sharing the love of Jesus with people who have never heard His name.

In addition to the everyday work of ministry, one of the ways Nick and Iris have served is through ministering to a minority ethnic group that practices idol worship and witchcraft. During one visit, they drove a young girl from her school to the home of her mother at the top of the hill, a journey that takes several hours on foot. Once there, they provided some food and medicine for her ill mother. Nick and Iris could tell when they bid the girl farewell that their visit meant something special to this family.

Nick and Iris are just two lights shining brightly in a very dark corner of our world, but they do not stand alone. As part of the NAB, they are joined by thousands of others across the world, for together we can do far more than all of us on our own. Like stars in the dark night sky, when we join together in service to our King, the light of the Son within us brightens the dead of night and illuminates the path to righteousness found in Jesus Christ. When we support what God is doing through the NAB, we stand united with our brothers and sisters across the NAB; when we give, we join together as one.

Another Story of Transformation from Nick & Iris:

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