Identity: Part 4 – Irenic

As the NAB, we can be identified by what we believe and by what our end goals are. We can also be identified by the way we work together. I heard someone say that the best advertisement for the Christian life is how Christians get along. The same person then said the worst advertisement for the Christian life is how Christians get along. As the NAB, we strive to have an irenic spirit with one another.

To be irenic is to move toward peace. In the Scriptures, peace is not the absence of conflict or even a calmness or serenity. It is knowing wholeness and fulfillment in God through Jesus. It is finding meaning in our walk with God and his will for our lives. This is not just intended for us to know individually and personally but also as a community of faith in Jesus. The Bible describes the peace we can have in Jesus, but it also describes us making peace and seeking peace with others.

Romans 14:19 instructs us to make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. God’s peace does not mean peace at any cost or peace at all cost; God’s peace means seeking God’s best for others. This means connecting with each other and working together. This means investing in each other’s lives. This means loving one another, listening to one another, and learning from one another. Philippians 2 tells us to value others above ourselves and to look out for the interests of others.

To be irenic also does not mean we will agree on everything. It is to find the things we agree on and build from there. As the NAB, we must allow our connection with Jesus Christ and each other to help us find ways to understand one other and to work together on those things that God has called us to that bring his peace to our world.