Planting a Garden

When College Heights Baptist Church was planted fifty years ago in Prince George, British Columbia, they started out as a simple Bible study. They soon grew to meeting at a local school and before long were erecting their own building. Once they had their building, the intent was always to plant again once it started to get full.

Over the years, they would bring up the conversation about church planting, praying about it and even seeking out consultation from within the church planting world. But, according to Pastor Curtis Reimer, “It seemed very time we were making progress, a door would close.” Whether it was a change in the pastoral team, a conflict in the church that needed to be resolved, or a struggle to find someone to lead a new church plant, the pieces never seemed to fit into the places they needed to. All this time, the leadership team were, as Pastor Curtis put it, “cultivating the congregation” to think about what kind of impact they could have in their community.

For the 2024 Summer Offering, the NAB is highlighting the story of College Heights Baptist Church and their new church plant, Garden City Church, a culmination of a desire to multiply fifty years in the making. You can read the full story at the link below, where you can also give in support of the Ministry Resource Fund, which, in part, helps to support this kind of multiplication, allowing us to resource new pastors, support sending churches, and train leaders in what it looks like to impact our local communities for the Gospel.

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