A Legacy of Hispanic Heritage

September 15–October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, which also corresponds with the first half of Latino Heritage Month in Canada. The following article was written as a celebration and in honor of one of our Hispanic leaders within the NAB.

Hispanics for Christ legally began in 2004, but the ministry actually was started when Jorge Osorio planted the first Hispanic ministry at Hollyview Baptist Church in 1995 in Boring, Oregon. This wasn’t Jorge’s first work, but it was the beginning of a ministry that has continued way beyond his passing in 2008. Numerous people across the NAB have been blessed by Jorge’s passion for church planting and contagious joy.

Jorge Aaron Osorio was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, in 1949. He was adventurous and took off to explore the world at a very young age. At 13, he left Guatemala for the Caribbean and found work on the docks for a season. Soon after, he moved to Mexico. He eventually returned home to Guatemala and completed his studies in construction. These skills proved useful in later mission work.

As a university student, Jorge and a friend were kidnapped by the Guatemalan Army as suspected Marxist rebels. They were held and tortured for a week until they were able to escape. It was during his captivity that Jorge turned to God and said he would serve him if God would save him. Feeling resentment toward his own government, he got himself a job on a Cuban ship . . .

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Geoff Hartt is not only the executive director of Hispanics for Christ (check out the article above for more on this NAB partner organization), he has recently edited a book that aligns neatly with the NAB’s End Goals. Ambassadors of Reconciliation: God’s Mission through Missions for All lays the groundwork for exploring a new paradigm for missions. Divided into three parts, the book first establishes the theological foundations of reconciliation. It then shows how theory and practice go hand in hand. Finally, the third part uses case studies to highlight the importance of understanding brokenness, conflict, and culture for effective ministry in reconciliation. You can find out more, and get your own copy, at the link below.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation

For youth workers, finding space to connect with other youth workers can seem impossible. If you are are a youth worker, don’t let the feeling of impossible overwhelm you.

Take the opportunity to connect with other youth workers on Thursday, October 12 at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific) on an hour-long Zoom call. This call will feature YOU, the youth workers, sharing stories from the summer, how the fall is going so far, and what your dreams, hopes, and prayers are for this school year for your students.

This Zoom call will be hosted by April Wahl (EYELET member) and Wayne Stapleton (VP of Cross-Cultural Engagement and Emerging Leader Engagement). Click below to register for the Zoom call.


This month’s Missional Initiatives Newsletter is full of resources for you and your church to be better equipped to join with what God is doing. Cam Roxburgh shares a few tools and workshops from the Missional Initiatives Team, including a book recommendation or two, two upcoming webinars, and the next iteration of Blue Ocean.

In fact, if you were thinking about taking part in the next round of Blue Ocean, reach out to Sara-May Cardy today so she can add you to the list. You can find more information about Blue Ocean at the link below.

Blue Ocean

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