Connecting the NAB and the CBC

Connecting Executive Director to Executive President

By Harry Kelm
NAB Executive Director

Ten months ago, I assumed the position of executive director of the NAB. As I began my new role, I was told there had been a recent transition in the leadership position of the CBC. The role of executive president had been recently filled by Rev. Dr. Charlemagne Nditemeh. In the subsequent months, we were able to communicate with each other and exchange warm greetings.

It was this February that a group of us from North America travelled to Cameroon to participate in the dedication of the Mbingo hydroelectric dam. We also had the opportunity to spend time with our missionaries and meet with the CBC leaders. I was able to meet, in person, Rev. Dr. Charlemagne. The executive president is a man of God who loves the Lord Jesus Christ passionately. He is a man of great wisdom who has had a lifetime of teaching and serving, of leading men and women, and of living the truth of God’s word. Rev. Dr. Charlemagne is the God has chosen to lead the CBC at this time. . . .

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Spring Missions Sunday: An Invitation

By Stu Streeter
VP of Ministry Advancement and Church Multiplication

Just weeks ago, I found myself, along with other NAB leaders, on the ground in Cameroon getting a taste of the ministry happening there among our missionaries, partners, and locals. It was breathtaking to see God’s hand at work and his Spirt moving.

Each year we invite you, NAB churches, to set aside a few moments in your Sunday service the week before Palm Sunday to feature one story from the mission field connected with that year’s Spring Missions Offering. This is a chance for all of us within the NAB to give a gift to help support those efforts through any of the simple giving methods available.

The Spirit is on the move in new and exciting ways in Cameroon. However, I must confess that for years as an NAB pastor, and now an NAB executive, I was not aware as I could have been. I viewed the work in Cameroon as beautiful and robust. It has been a strong source of pride, both for its history and its current work. And yet, I mistakenly viewed the work in Cameroon as outside the reach of church partnerships given the medical nature of most of our work there. This was a very narrow and untrue view.

The needs and work in areas of evangelism, discipleship, student ministry, women’s ministry, construction, and beyond are inspiring and widespread. Please set aside a few moments in your service on Sunday, April 3 to share the video. Maybe print the bulletin inserts and distribute those. Pause to pray for the work in Cameroon and invite people to give above and beyond their normal giving to support NAB’s Global Missions Fund.

If there are other resources you need that you do not find on our Resource Page, please let me know, and we will do everything we can to get you what you need to make the experience rich and meaningful in your church.

Spring Mission Sunday Resources

Save the Dates for Planter Summit / Bonfire

If one of the goals of Bonfire is to spur one another on to pay attention to how we might join with God in planting churches and other missional expressions, and if the Church Planter Summit is indeed the story of planting more churches and missional expressions, then we cannot think of a better idea than to bring these two events together in Chicago, September 26–29, 2022.

The Planter Summit will kick off Monday afternoon, September 26, and conclude Wednesday, September 28. The emphasis will once again be focused on the souls of the planting couple and formational issues at the heart of a new church.

Bonfire will kick off Tuesday evening, September 27, and conclude on Thursday, September 29, at midday. We will be encouraged to place our hope in Christ and equipped for mission in the midst of our changing contexts. The highlight of both the Planter Summit and Bonfire will be the meal together on Tuesday and a session together on Wednesday. We anticipate it being a powerful week together.

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