Ministry Multipliers

As a new year gets underway, most of us are asking some version of the question, “What can I do to make this year a fruitful one in ministry?” While I would not be so presumptuous as to know what God is speaking to you for the ministry you lead, I have seen some patterns develop in our NAB family that are worth reflecting on, especially for anyone looking to multiply their ministry in fruitful ways.

We all know there is no easy solution for fruitful ministry, but most would agree that a ministry that multiplies is one that is fruitful. Of course, multiplication takes on a lot of different looks and all of them ought to be respected and admired. God tells Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. Ruth multiplied compassion. Esther multiplied wisdom. Jesus, among many greater things than this, multiplied food for hungry people on a hillside. Paul and his friends multiplied churches, and Peter multiplied people groups who would know the Gospel.

I think we would all love to end 2023 with the fruit of multiplication in our ministries! New people reached with the Gospel. New people serving the Kingdom. Additional resources available to the poor and marginalized. And the list goes on. . . . So if multiplication seems a worthy and fruitful pursuit for you this year, the following are three keys I see in our most fruitful NAB multipliers. . . .

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2023 Planter Summit & Bonfire

Registration for the 2023 Planter Summit and Bonfire opens in a little over a week! Starting January 15, you can sign up to attend the next Planter Summit, Bonfire, or both, taking place outside Chicago, Illinois.

The Planter Summit is a chance for NAB church planters and spouses to gather together for a great few days of inspiration, rest, and renewal. This year’s speaker will be Jeff Vanderstelt, the executive director of Saturate and visionary leader of the Soma Family of Churches. Additionally, Jeff is on the leadership team of Saturate the Sound, a local church collective focused on Gospel saturation in the Puget Sound. His books include Saturate, Gospel Fluency, and Making Space. Planter Summit will run April 24–26, 2023.

Bonfire is an annual gathering of NAB leaders who have given themselves to joining God on mission in their various contexts. It is a time to build into deep community with one another, receive inspiration, and continue training together. Bonfire will run April 25–27, 2023.

While both of these events are unique unto themselves, all who attend are invited to arrive early or stay later to take part in both gatherings. You can find more information about Planter Summit and Bonfire at the links below.

More Info on Planter Summit

More Info on Bonfire