Open Doors

Last month, during the height of the extreme cold weather that hit most of Canada and the United States, an NAB church served as a 24/7 shelter for the homeless in their city, not only saving lives but also serving as an incredible Gospel witness, both through their actions and through many conversations.

On January 11, River City Church in Vancouver, Washington, opened their doors to any and every homeless person who needed shelter from the extreme cold and ice, and they did not close them until January 20, nine days later. They had been pre-approved to provide space for fifteen homeless individuals; they ended up sheltering nearly three hundred during those nine days.

Most of the typical warming places, such as libraries, or shelters, even those run by the city, were either not open during this period of extreme weather or they were only open for limited days or times.

Pastor Ryan Sidhom shared, “The amount of influence God has granted River City Church through these nine days is insurmountable. The entire city seemed to rally around us, sending volunteers, truckloads of clothing and blankets, thousands of meals, and more. We have had so many amazing Gospel conversations with both volunteers and our homeless neighbors. We’ve had so many opportunities to share WHY we did this!”

Along with the support of individuals, three NAB churches from Oregon, Washington, and Idaho also sent supplies and money to help River City sustain their shelter for as long as they did. . . .

In this month’s Missional Initiatives newsletter, Matt Styles writes about butter in a ministry context (we promise it will make sense once you read it); shares a video story from a ministry in Larchwood, Iowa; and provides a brand-new resource in a seven-session Bonfire Study Group that is in the final stages of development.

You can find out more about any of these (seriously, the butter thing makes sense) at the February newsletter, linked below.

Time is running short for you to register for Triennial 2024 at the low price of $345 per person. Starting March 1, the cost increases to $420, so you only have one week left to register and save money.

Taking place in St. Paul, Minnesota, July 11–14, 2024, the theme of this Triennial is Becoming a People of Peace. This gathering of individuals, families, church leadership teams, and missionaries, from across the US and Canada, as well as far-flung mission fields, will be a time of celebration of what God has done, is doing, and will do in and through the NAB.

If you are curious about Triennial 2024 but still want more information, you can check out the digital version of our registration brochure. Inside, you will find ample information about our speakers, special events, breakouts, and more, giving you everything you need as you prepare to register online.

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This year’s devotional series examining what biblical peace means for us today – peace between us and God, among individuals, within ourselves, and in our interactions with creation. Not only will we look at what Scripture says about peace, every Saturday will feature a story or profile of peace in action: people of God who are acting as shalom-bearers in a world increasingly in need of God’s peace.

This is sure to be an excellent primer for the upcoming Triennial conference in July. But more importantly, these devotionals will help guide your thoughts toward the Prince of Peace and challenge you to be a shalom-maker for God.

It is not too late to join in the journey with us. You can sign up at the link below.