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Registration for Planter Summit and Bonfire is now open! We are excited that these two annual events will be intertwined for the first time. They are sure to be full of times of connection, challenge, encouragement, stories, laughter, and insight. Don’t take our word for it, though; just ask someone who has attended one of these events, someone like Scott Lackey, pastor of New Story Church in Buffalo, New York, and NAB church planter. He attended the Planter Summit in October of last year, and it has paid dividends in the last seven months.

“The part of the Summit that was the most helpful for me was establishing new connections,” he said. In particularly, it was his new connection with Kent Carlson that has benefited both him and his church. “There have been a couple of times over this past year where I have needed wisdom, encouragement, and insight. In those moments I reached out to Kent, and he was able to guide me in a direction that was beneficial for me personally and our church as a whole,” Scott said. “I know that for many years to come Kent will be someone who I can call for support.”

If you are a part of the church planting or Bonfire communities within the NAB, register today for this joint event, September 26–29, 2022, in Chicago, Illinois. Whether you come to only one event or both, don’t lose out on this chance to build connections with other NAB leaders and to be encouraged, challenged, and supported for the Kingdom work God has set before you.

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2024 Triennial in St. Paul

Did you hear the news? The next Triennial will be taking place – in person – July 11–14, 2024 at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, Minnesota. Though this was the city that had originally been chosen in 2019 for the most recent Triennial, we are excited to be able to finally come together as one family in this capital city in 2024.

While there are still many more things to plan in the next two years, we are excited to be able to once more gather as one in the same space to worship in unity as we sing praises to our God, learn together, pray for each other, and show love to one another.

Mark your calendar for July 11–14, 2024 in St. Paul, Minnesota. You won’t want to miss this Triennial.