Sneak Peek of the Triennial Venue

During a recent trip to St. Paul, Wayne Stapleton, VP of Cross-Cultural Engagement and Emerging Leader Engagement, took a few minutes to give us a sneak peek of the Saint Paul RiverCentre where the 2024 Triennial will be taking place, as well as share part of why he is excited for Triennial.

Take a few minutes to watch it. Share it on social media. Set aside a few minutes during the announcements at Sunday service or small group to spread the word about Triennial.

Speaking of Triennial, registration opens in just a few weeks. Starting November 1, 2023, you can register to attend the 2024 Triennial. The cost to register is $420 USD, but everyone who registers by January 31, 2024, will save $75! Not only that, the first 50 to register will get a special gift as a thank you for registering early.

We hope to see you in St. Paul, Minnesota, July 11–14, 2024!

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For this year’s Fall Offering, we are sharing a story of Christlike community found at one of our newest NAB churches. After River City Church in Vancouver, Washington, was brutally vandalized, Pastor Ryan Sidhom made an unusual request of the court: he asked that the church be one of the avenues through which the young vandal would fulfill his inevitable community service hours.

Ryan recognized that this young man was in need of a community that could circle around him and lovingly support him. River City was willing to be that community, but only because they were part of the larger NAB community that cared for and supported them.

One of the ways we strive to make the NAB different from the prevailing culture we find ourselves in is through fostering a sense of community among our churches and missionaries. But not just any community; we want to be a Christian community formed by God as his loving alternative to the ways of the world. When you give to the NAB’s Ministry Resource Fund, you are helping support ongoing efforts to foster, encourage, and grow this community across North America and around the world. Ultimately, your generosity gives hope to leaders like Pastor Ryan and others who are seeking to be focal points of grace and compassion in their communities.

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There is a lot of great stuff on the horizon! In addition to Blue Ocean kicking off this weekend, there are a number of webinars and online workshops over the next month or so that we invite you to take part in.

  • Understanding Indigenous People Workshops – October 24 | The second of four workshops that will be a safe place to discuss issues tied to understanding Indigenous peoples more.
  • When Church Stops Working – October 26 | A chance to hear from Andrew Root, author of When Church Stops Working, as he speaks with us around how we may have leaned our ladder against the wrong wall.
  • Neighbourhood Life Workshop – November 2 | Come and see for yourself what missional initiatives is all about.

Whether you choose to take part in one or all of these events, we trust they will encourage you, challenge you, and help you connect more fully with other churches and leaders from across the NAB.

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