Ukraine Crisis Fund Update

Bismarck School Raises over $1,500 for Ukraine Crisis

As the humanitarian crisis continues in Ukraine, we thank each individual, church, and organization that has contributed the NAB relief fund established to help with internally displaced people, refugees, and needs in the wake of this crisis. A special shout out goes to the students at Shiloh Christian School in Bismarck, North Dakota, for their fundraiser for this effort. Here is a brief report from Hannah Nather, member of Century Baptist Church.

Student leaders at Shiloh Christian School wanted to take action and do something to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Through my home church, Century Baptist, I heard about how Camp Falcon Rock has been helping refugees. I brought up the idea of donating our proceeds to the camp, and the rest of the students were on board right away. We were excited to be able to help an organization that shows God’s love to those in need. We raised funds by selling floats at lunchtime, as well as a competition to see which class could raise the most amount of money. In just three days, our school raised a total of $1,501! Pastor Jeremy Hein, the campus pastor, added, “Saddened and disheartened by images on social media, our students found a small but tangible way to address real needs, exhibit intentional generosity, express genuine faith, encourage through hope, and reflect God’s love.” This opportunity goes to show that God can use young people in big ways. We are so grateful for what God has done through the partnership of the NAB and our student leadership club.

We thank Hannah and the rest of the students at Shiloh Christian School. The class that raised the most funds had the added bonus of duct taping their favorite teacher, Ian Grande – the principal at Shiloh and a member of Century Baptist – to the bleachers, so kudos to Mr. Grande as well!

You can still contribute to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund by clicking on the link below.

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Refugees at Camp Falcon Rock

A portion of the funds from the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund are being used at Camp Falcon Rock. Recently, Paul and Tanya Gericke, NAB missionaries in Romania serving at the camp, shared just a small glimpse of how God is using the Camp Falcon Rock facilities and staff to provide for people in dire need. As they write, “Camp Falcon Rock has become a safe haven and a place of rest for so many as the beautiful scenery, Bible studies, and movie and game nights provide a healthy space for these families and students.”

Presently at the camp we are hosting a number of Nigerian international students who were all studying in Odessa. [. . .] These refugees had shared with us all they had been through with the trauma of escaping Odessa, walking to the border, and standing in the cold for hours (as they were foreigners in Ukraine and told they had to wait to allow Ukrainians to get out), and now the uncertainty surrounding their future as their school records, transcripts, and years of education are in jeopardy as their universities sit in the middle of the conflict. There’s no class in seminary that prepares you for that message. The most incredible moment, however, came when we invited anyone to pray out as they felt led to. In unison, the students began to sing and worship. To say that their worship was powerful would be an understatement. You could tell in their voices, in their tears, and in their songs that the hope, joy, and life in this season came only in their relationship with God. This worship culminated in the chorus of ‘Because He Lives:’ “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know who holds the future, my life is worth the living, all because He lives.”

Read the Gericke's Newsletter

Spring Missions Offering

For the last number of years, the NAB has been partnering to bring vital resources to a Least-Reached People Group in Nigeria and Cameroon. This group has historically closed their ears and hearts to the Gospel, even to the point of antagonism. Yet, because of several projects, one of which provides clean and easily accessible water, NAB missionaries Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin are seeing the Kingdom blossom in amazing new ways. “There’s just such power in seeing a need people have and being able to meet it,” said Sonya. (Watch the video of the Kilmartins sharing this story.)

This Sunday, churches across the NAB are taking part in Spring Missions Sunday, setting aside a few minutes during their regular worship time to celebrate what God is doing in this Least-Reached People Group and raising money for the Global Missions Fund, which supports this missionary effort and many others around the world. Whether you choose to give through your church on Spring Missions Sunday or you give directly at the link below, your gift to the Global Missions Fund will help ensure this vital work can continue to expand as it announces the Kingdom of God here on earth.

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