Ukraine Crisis Fund

We would like to invite the entire NAB family to be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and the surrounding regions. These are dark days, but the light of Christ is shining in the midst of them through his people.

The NAB has several partners within and surrounding Ukraine who are uniquely positioned to assist in the work of Christ in the midst of this humanitarian crisis. In addition to your prayers, we would encourage you to consider contributing to the NAB’s World Relief – Ukraine Crisis fund. Here are a few ways that your finances would minster in and around Ukraine.

For years, Gary Clatterbuck has led teams to Odessa Theological Seminary in Ukraine to teach and prepare ministers of the Gospel. Because missiles have recently nearly missed the seminary, the seminary has suspended classes, but it continues the work of Christ by assisting in the care of internally displaced persons and has developed a center for distribution of necessities.

There is also a need for care of refugees who are fleeing the violence in Ukraine. One of our national missionaries, Ezster Daróczi-Csuhai, who ministers alongside Ron and Jeanie Seck in Hungary, wrote in a recent message, “Hundreds of people are coming over. . . . A lot of families now are without their man. Women and children are crying at the borders.” The refugees fleeing the violence are in great need of assistance.

Camp Falcon Rock ready to receive Ukrainian refugees.

Likewise, there is a great need for refugee care in Romania. In partnership with the Hungarian Baptist Convention of Romania, the NAB Romania field is already responding to this crisis. Camp Falcon Rock, along with its sister camp, Camp Harghita, are opening their doors to receive those who are currently trying to make it through the border. Camp Falcon Rock will be receiving up to forty refugees, and Camp Harghita will be receiving up to one hundred refugees. Your support will go toward expenses for food, transportation, basic needs/supplies, medical costs, accommodations, and hiring staff to host and support this response.

Please pray for the church in Ukraine and its surrounding neighbors. Please pray for our partners in Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, and throughout the region. And if possible, please give to the NAB’s World Relief – Ukraine Crisis fund. Funds will be used to support our ministry partners in and around Ukraine. The funds are used to support and care for the least of these and the most vulnerable; as Tanya Gericke, NAB missionary at Camp Falcon Rock, points out, “Most of the refugees are women and children because men aged 18–60 must stay and fight.” Please consider how you can help.

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Give in US Dollars Give in Canadian Dollars