Cam Roxburgh

The Process of Deciding, Discerning, and Doing

In light of this three-article series on discernment, it seems appropriate to finish with a final article on some practical application. This piece covers some decisions we need to make, […]

Developing Practices of Communal Discernment in Relation to Institutional Decision-making

by Aileen Van Ginkel Practices of communal discernment that are intertwined with decision-making and strategic planning processes offer an opportunity to bridge the divide between what is deemed to be […]

Discernment—Paying Attention to God at Work in our Neighbourhoods

One of the greatest joys of my life has been to serve for the last ten years in the NAB, encouraging pastors and helping churches to wrestle with issues of […]

The Joy of Blue Ocean

Round four. Five if you count Future Travelers. And each lap always seems to have a moment when God shows up and reminds us of why we are there in […]

Identity in the Father

I was invited to consider either becoming an associate pastor or planting a church. The problem is that I never wanted to be a pastor.

Church Celebrations

Churches with history and churches just starting out

Simply Irresistible – Making It Land

One of the questions most often asked around the Missional Church conversation is, “What does this look like when it lands?” I know what is being asked. When we stop […]

A Renewed Theological Vision

One of the problems with sin is that it leads us away from a relationship with the Lord, both as individuals and as a community.