Looking Forward at REACH City Hubs

REACH City Hubs City hubs are a way to learn more about NAB’s REACH Initiative while connecting with churches and pastors in your area. Enjoy light refreshments as a key […]

Last Chance to Join the Discussion!

It’s not too late to join today’s Leadership Teleconference at 11:00 AM PST. Join in the discussion with one of our 2018 Triennial speakers, Dr. Don Davis!

A Summer Like None Other

For at least the past 17 years, the summer months have been months of travel for me; particularly international travel, with large groups of team members.

Please Pray this Week

Strategy Team this Week This week, the NAB Strategy Team is meeting in Roseville, CA, to continue discussions on how our renewed theological vision of the church on mission is shaping […]

The NAB throughout North America this week

Missionaries at Home This month we have a number of our NAB missionaries who are on home assignment. We want to highlight what some of them are up to right […]

New NAB Missionaries to Brazil

We are pleased to announce that Brandon and Marci Jones are planning to join our missionary team in Brazil.

Mission Trip Detox

Even if you’ve not been on a mission trip in a long time, or ever, I think these reflections apply to any transforming encounter with God.

Two Global Shifts for the NAB

I think we all recognize that the world has changed over the past fifty years and that these global changes have had an impact on International Missions. The question I […]