The NAB throughout North America this week

Missionaries at Home

This month we have a number of our NAB missionaries who are on home assignment. We want to highlight what some of them are up to right now so you can pray for them and possibly connect with them if they are visiting your area.

  • Lyndell Campbell-Réquia is debriefing with her husband, Paulo, in Colorado through Saturday.
  • Calvin Hohn will be in Oklahoma for church visits and Texas for a White Cross visit.
  • The Ewing family is in New York visiting with friends and family.
  • Kristi TenClay just wrapped up debriefing and is heading to the West Coast to visit friends and supporting churches to share about Rain Forest International School and serving missionary kids in Cameroon.
  • Julie Stone just arrived from Cameroon to spend some time at home in Pennsylvania.
  • Calvin Hohn and Paul Ewing will be heading to northern California at the end of this month for Strategy Team meetings as well as Missions Advisory Team.
  • Geoff Hartt and Randy Schmor will also be be in northern California for the Missions Advisory Team.

Won’t you pray for these missionaries as they travel, make various home and church visits, and try to get some rest and refreshment while off the field?

REACH City Hubs

Last night at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta, leaders from the REACH Initiative gathered with a group of more than 25 to share information about these exciting efforts and to answer questions. President of Taylor Seminary, Dr. David Williams; Regional Ministers Dr. Jim Leverette and Dr. Terry Fossen; as well as Stu Streeter, VP of Ministry Advancement, led the presentation to a warm and energetic crowd. City Hubs are a way to learn more about NAB’s REACH Initiative while connecting with churches and pastors in your area. REACH leaders are on the road a lot these days working to make these gatherings available in a city near you! We currently have City Hubs scheduled in nine locations. Check out the REACH website, by clicking the photo below, to find out more information and to see if there’s a City Hub coming up near you. We covet your prayers as together we seek a new era of international missions activities and partnerships, new visions of theological education, and renewal of the church in North America.




January 8, 2017—Aaron and Rachael Weiss, Mission Hill Church, Calgary, Alberta. Aaron and Rachael Weiss have been married since 2008, and they have two beautiful three-year-old daughters, Addy and Lily. Their passion to plant in their hometown took them to Riverbend, a neighborhood in Calgary. Together, Aaron and Rachael desire to see a church family grow and flourish through authentic community and the transformative power of the Gospel in southeast Calgary. Pray that God would continue to use them and Mission Hill to make the Gospel known among the people in their community. For more information, visit