White Cross

White Cross provides medical supplies and relief goods to hospitals, health centres, and guest/rest houses in West Africa, with a primary focus on Cameroon and Nigeria. We take part in the local and global mission of God through this interdependent relationship between North American Baptist churches and Cameroon Baptist Convention ministries.

New Baby Layette Summary – Footed sleepers in lieu of baby jackets

How to Get Involved

The primary way to get involved is through White Cross groups in churches across the country. Each church or group is organized differently. We encourage you to structure your group as best suits your situation. Each group should appoint someone who will be the local contact person with the Shipping Center in your country.

Individuals can participate in each group:

  • Directly (e.g., getting together with the group to make and pack supplies) or
  • Indirectly (e.g., locate supplies, shopping for the group, make deliveries, develop community/medical contacts, raise funds, etc.).

If there is no group in your church, feel free to:

Not every type of supply is provided by every group. Each group and individual can find what suits their skills and do what is of interest to them or matches their skill set.

NAB White Cross Canada

Mailing address

White Cross Site at Taylor College and Seminary
11525 – 23 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6J 4T3
(Please check the Giving Page for instructions on mailing cheques.)

White Cross Canada News
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You can keep in contact with us through our Instagram and Facebook pages, or by joining our mailing list.

Questions? Email us at info@whitecrosscanada.ca.

NAB White Cross US

Mailing address for packages and monetary donations:

White Cross
c/o Century Baptist Church
205 Colt Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58503

Mailing address for large freight and pallet deliveries of items to be sent to Cameroon:

White Cross
c/o The Ministry Center
1112 S. 12th St. Suite A
Bismarck, ND 58504

Printable Forms

Parcel Shipping Form – US
Group Parcel Shipping Form – US

Questions? Email us at whitecross@centurybaptist.org.
Phone: (701) 223-0478


The ministry of White Cross grew out of the Red Cross work being done everywhere during the First World War. This helped meet the tremendous need for medical supplies. In 1919, the year after the war ended, American Baptist women inaugurated the White Cross program. Three years later, the women of the NAB joined this effort, marking the birth of the NAB White Cross.

Since its inception, NAB White Cross has directly and tangibly participated in the compassionate care ministry of hospitals in Cameroon and Nigeria. Through White Cross, NAB churches across the United States and Canada are able to partner with medical staff and NAB missionaries in Cameroon. This partnership fills a critical gap in tangible medical needs. This is accomplished by cutting and sewing baby layettes – baby blankets, diapers, and footed sleepers – rolling bandages, and cutting absorbent squares, as well as providing sheets, pillowcases, hospital supplies, guest house supplies, and other medical supplies.