Regional Minister – Saskatchewan Baptist Association

Regional Minister – Saskatchewan Baptist Association

The Regional Minister is called to serve the Saskatchewan Baptist Association as a spiritual and administrative overseer, giving leadership, vision, direction, and support to the member churches through regular contact with each local church and their pastors.

Requirements and Qualifications

The Saskatchewan Baptist Association (SBA) is a family of biblically based churches that associate voluntarily within the NAB. The SBA exists to assist, support, and hold one another accountable in making disciples of Jesus Christ and to facilitate the ministries we do collectively.

The NAB is a group with a missional vision working to develop leaders and plant churches through cross-cultural ministries across the globe.

Required Qualifications

The Regional Minister will:

  • Be a person of good standing who loves God.
  • Have a heart for sharing the Gospel.
  • Display the character of an elder as set forth in Titus 1:6—9 and 1 Timothy 3:1–7.
  • Be a preacher of the Gospel and teacher of the faith as embodied in the Scriptures.
  • Declare in writing his agreement with the NAB Statement of Beliefs and A Christian Affirmation of Marriage.
  • Be eligible for membership in an SBA church, with the expectation to join that church.
  • Be eligible for ordination in the NAB.


Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Facilitate provision of support and encouragement to the pastoral and lay leadership of the SBA in the areas of:
    • providing support and regular interaction with our pastors
    • pastoral placement
    • coaching and leadership development
    • congregational conflict resolution
  • Work with the SBA Executive Team to provide leadership, oversight, and direction to SBA ministries.
  • Facilitate communication between the SBA Executive Team, the NABA leadership, and the member churches of the association.
  • Facilitate procuring ministry resources for association churches from the NAB. Provide consultation on the selection and implementation of resources.
  • Develop and continuously add to a personal connection through:
    • attendance at church worship services, fellowship events, and church leadership meetings
    • regular communication with church leadership (moderator, lay leaders)
    • attend regional cluster meetings of SBA pastors
  • Fulfill all communication, administrative, and functional duties, including:
    • attendance and participation in SBA Executive meetings, regional meetings, NAB Regional Minister meetings, and significant conferences
    • serving as an ex-officio member on all SBA ministry committees and boards
    • preparing for and submitting to an annual performance review with the SBA Executive Team
    • providing written reports to the SBA Executive Team detailing their activities
    • maintaining the files pursuant to the office in an orderly manner


    Personal Responsibilities

    • Maintain a growing personal walk with the Lord through Bible study, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines.
    • Be a steward of their own professional development.
    • Maintain Godly priorities in their home.
    • Develop personal evangelism opportunities.



    • The Regional Minister is employed by the SBA and is primarily a representative of the SBA.
    • The Regional Minister shall be responsible to the SBA through the SBA Executive Team.

    Special Notes

    For information, contact Jonathon Pettinger at or (306) 730-6076.


473-8 Ave West. Melville, Saskatchewan S0A 2P0 Canada

Date Posted: January 1, 2024

Job Type: Full Time

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