Gifts & Donations

Every North American Baptist congregation and individual can participate in preserving and telling the rich history of the NAB Conference.

Give to the Heritage Commission:

Financial gifts in support of the Heritage Commission are to be made payable to the North American Baptist Heritage Commission. You can also give at the links below.
US Dollars     Canadian Dollars
US Dollars     Canadian Dollars


Items we collect and preserve include:

  • Anniversary booklets, old minutes, photographs, and brochures of special events of your church. Donate photographs with names and dates of NAB-related leaders, buildings, or events. (When donating photographs, please do your best to indicate the names of the people pictured, as well as the date the photograph was taken or when the event took place.)
  • Articles, books, or museum artifacts that deal with the history of local NAB churches, regional associations/conferences, or the NAB International Office.
  •  Artifacts from NAB mission fields,including Cameroon, Nigeria, Japan, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, or elsewhere.


Provide Histories

  • Become the historian of your local church. Inform us of this, so we can send you helpful guidelines.
  • Send us your church anniversary history.
  • Write the history of your family and send us a copy.