Cross-Cultural Resources

One aspect of cross-cultural engagement will include educating ourselves regarding differences in race and culture for the purpose of Christ-centered unity, promoting understanding of historical issues of race. This work is centered in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and only seeks to build what Jesus came to build (1 Peter 2:9–10).


Impact of Culture on Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation

A Safe Place to Ask Tough Questions

An Invitation to Listen

February 2021 – Bonfire

with Soong-Chan Rah and Allen Yeh


Bridging to Racial Righteousness


The NAB does not endorse every idea in every resource listed, but we list these resources to stimulate thought and share ideas about race, the church, and the Gospel:

  • Creating Positive Race Relations: What You Can Do to Make a Difference (workbook) edited by Taylor Cox, Jr.
  • Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church by Mark DeYmaz
  • Multiethnic Conversations: An Eight-Week Journey toward Unity in Your Church (workbook) by Mark DeYmaz and Oneya Fennell Okuwobi
  • Might from the Margins: The Gospels Power to Turn Tables on Injustice by Dennis R. Edwards
  • The Elusive Dream: The Power of Race in Interracial Churches by Korie L. Edwards
  • The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures by Jayson Georges
  • Reconciliation Blues by Edward Gilbreath
  • How to Heal Our Racial Divide by Derwin Gray
  • Insider Outsider by Bryan Loritts
  • Woke Church by Eric Mason
  • Reading while Black by Esau McCaulley
  • Dream with Me by John M. Perkins
  • Divided by Faith by Christian Smith and Michael O. Emerson
  • The Post-Black and Post-White Church by Efrem Smith
  • Jesus and the Disinherited by Howard Thurman
  • The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby

Dialogues on Race and Culture in the NAB

Mutual understanding about race and culture is not arrived at through mandate or pressure but in the context of Christ-centered unity and dialogue where brothers and sisters of different perspectives can share openly and in an environment of grace. A foundational way we seek to grow in our understanding is through holding conversations between people of different ethnicities and views. We set the stage for one another to hear hearts and to seek understanding and even love in the context of being the church.

If you’re interested in hosting or taking part in a dialogue with other believers, or you want to take part in a book study to dive deeper into issues related to cross-cultural engagement, contact Wayne Stapleton.