Discovery Project

Many leaders have returned from Blue Ocean or Ethos and asked how they might equip their people to join God on Mission. The Discovery Project is that resource.

Discovery Project is a weekend seminar aimed at helping the people of the church to see God through a missional lens and to begin to have an imagination for how they might join Him in their neighborhood. Discovery Project is designed to encourage the body of the church to live as followers of Jesus who bear witness to Him in every area of our lives.

When we understand that our identity is in Christ, our character is to be like Christ, then we discover that our vocation is to journey with Christ as He is redeeming all things. The Discovery Project is set up to be an 8-hour workshop at your church where we help people discover the nature of God and then reflect on what that means for us as image bearers. We bear witness to what we believe about God in all we do, therefore it is helpful to both reflect on what we believe about our missionary God and to then draw implications for our participation with Him on mission.

To find out more about Discovery Project, contact Cam Roxburgh today.