Spiritual Palmar Reflex

God wants all parts of us, not just the ones we are comfortable giving up to him.

Holy Sanctuaries

No longer would God only dwell within a building, no matter how beautifully crafted; he now dwells in and among his people, regardless of their flaws.

Embracing the Difficult Manger

To follow in the footsteps of Jesus is to deliberately place ourselves in positions we will find uncomfortable, our own difficult mangers

God Is Immanuel

The most beautiful part of Christmas is that it is above all an announcement to the world that God is with us.

God Is Messiah

There is only one true Messiah, one Savior who is bringing about the restoration of all things, and his name is Jesus.

God Is Savior

Translating literally as “god from the machine,” deus ex machina refers to an overly convenient resolution to the plot.

God Is Redeemer

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

God Is Merciful

Bishop Myriel tells Valjean, “Do not forget, do not ever forget, that you have promised me to use the money to make yourself an honest man.”