Silent Night

The much-beloved “Silent Night” was first performed at a Christmas Eve service in 1818 in a small city in what is now Salzburg, Austria.

Everlasting Light

Prior to the modern era – before electrical or gas lines crisscrossed our cities – nighttime illumination was much less common.

Sacred Conversations

It can be easy for us to settle for the pat answers even when we know there are some mysteries that cannot be solved this side of eternity.

Desire Paths

A desire path is the name for an unofficial shortcut between two officially established routes.

Slow, Steady Drip

This famous psalm from Mary – the Magnificat – is at once a reflection of history and a look forward toward the work of the Messiah, newly in her belly.


Like many good German words, fernweh doesn’t have a perfect counterpart in English.

Philippians 2

On this Sabbath, take comfort in the knowledge that following the way of Jesus is difficult, but we may always find rest in him.

A Multicultural Kingdom

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Word becoming flesh is the way in which Jesus expanded the Kingdom of God beyond the kingdom of Israel.