Triennial Delegates

A delegate to the North American Baptist Conference plays a special role in the direction of the Conference. A delegate can vote to elect officers, transact any necessary business, and approve resolutions. One of the primary agenda items of the 2018 Triennial is a revision of the NAB Constitution. Please see links below to familiarize yourself with the proposed changes.

Overview:  Major Changes to Governing Structure and Constitution

2018 Draft Revision of the NAB Constitution

Current NAB Constitution

How do I become a delegate to the 2018 Triennial Conference?

If you intend to register as a delegate to the 2018 Triennial Conference, please indicate this during your registration. If you have already registered for Triennial and now want to become a delegate, you may log back in through your registration confirmation and make that change.

Delegate registration deadline is June 25, 2018!