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Responsive Reading – Names of God Litany

Reading Based on the Names of God Litany.

Leader:    O God, because you are the source of all life and love and being,

All:         We call you Creator;

Leader:    Because we know the history of your presence among your covenanted people and honor your mighty works among them,

All:         We call you Lord;

Leader:    Because our Savior, Jesus Christ, your obedient Son, knew you intimately and spoke of you so,

All:          We call you Father;

Leader:    Because you hold us up and give us strength and courage when we are weak and in need,

All:          We call you Sustainer;

Leader:    Because we have known you in our pain and suffering,

All:          We call you Comforter;

Leader:    Because beyond pain lies your promise of all things made new,

All:          We call you Hope;

Leader:    Because you are the means of liberation and the way to freedom,

All:          We call you Redeemer.

All:          Blessing and power, glory and honor be unto you, our God. Amen.

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