Church Planting Summit

The challenges associated with the Kingdom call of church multiplication are often a heavy burden for a lead couple to carry. Whether you’re planting a brand-new church from scratch, getting a micro-church off the ground, or leading a movement of missional communities, you know this is unique work. The sting of rejection, the weariness of long ministry weeks, and even the joy of spiritual breakthroughs all weigh heavy on the souls of church multiplication leaders. As NAB leaders, we are convinced the trajectory of any church multiplication effort begins with who we are becoming as leaders. We believe vibrant and transformative communities begin with the lead couple in any multiplication start-up. If you’re building missional communities, launching traditionally, or doing something different altogether, the person you are becoming is the most critical indicator for your community about the kind of church you are establishing.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in church planting with the NAB or just kicking tires on church multiplication, the Church Planter Summit is a great few days of inspiration, rest, and renewal. This retreat is designed for planters with the NAB – or those considering planting a church with the NAB – as a time to invest in you, your soul, and the soul of your spouse. The objective is to gather a dozen or so planting couples, along with leaders from around the NAB, for a few days of rest and renewal. This will not be a retreat focused on strategy or church leadership but rather a few days focused on supporting you, believing that the person (and couple) you are becoming has a bigger impact on your church plant than much of anything else. After all, who you are becoming is what your church sees most and what you will inherently replicate.

To find out more details about this year’s event and to register, visit the Planter Summit event page.