Cameroon Mission History

The main shelves of the Cameroon Mission History Collection at the North American Baptist Heritage Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Click on Appendix-1 for background about this collection, which is primarily about the ministry of NAB missionaries from the start of NAB mission in Cameroon to the turning over of mission properties to the Cameroon Baptist Convention (1891–1975).

(Catalog, Appendixes, Indexes)

CATALOG – Published Materials

Catalog Section A:      Books
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Catalog Section B:      Pamphlets
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Catalog Section C:      Academic Papers
Catalog-C-Academic papers with selected abstracts

Catalog Section D:     Periodical/Magazine Articles
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Catalog Section E:      Newspaper Articles
Catalog of Newspapers
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Catalog SectionF:      Historical Web Pages and E-Newsletters
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CATALOG – Unpublished Internal Documents

Catalog Section G:  NAB Cameroon Baptist Mission Annual Field Reports
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Catalog Sections H-Q:  Restricted to persons authorized by the NAB Heritage Commission Executive Committee
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Catalog Section R:  Maps, Posters, etc.
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Catalog Section S: Photographs, 35 mm Slides & Film Strips
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Catalog Section T:  Audio Cassettes, 8 & 16 mm Movie Films, VHS Videos, CDs and DVDs
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Catalog Section U:  Paintings Depicting Cameroon Life
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Catalog Section V:  Artifacts from Cameroon
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Appendix-1:  Background:Purpose, Introduction, Categories, and Activities/Objectives

Appendix 2:  Finding Aid suggestions
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Index 1:  Authors of Books, Pamphlets, Academic Papers, and Periodical Articles

Index 2:  Authors of Correspondence
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