Triennial Conferences

In 1865, Wilmot, Ontario, was the site of the first NAB Triennial Conference. Since that meeting, called the Bundes-Konferenz or General Conference, the NAB fellowship of churches has gathered once every three years for worship, fellowship, and inspiration, as well as to conduct business. Due to travel issues during World War II, the 1943 General Conference was postponed until 1944, and the 2021 conference was held on a virtual platform due to travel issues with the COVID-19 pandemic. The every-three-year gatherings were referred to as General Conference until 1970 and are now known as Triennial Conferences.

Triennials generally are planned and developed around a ministry-related theme. From 1940 onward, all of the conference proceedings were in English. The Archives has files with historical and promotional information for most of the Triennials. Below is a list of locations for all of the NAB Triennials.

1865   Wilmont, Ontario
1868   Cincinnati, Ohio
1871   New York, New York
1874   Chicago, Illinois
1877   Buffalo, New York
1880   St. Louis, Missouri
1883   Cleveland, Ohio
1886   Detroit, Michigan
1889   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1892   Chicago, Illinois
1895   Dayton, Ohio
1898   St. Louis, Missouri
1901   Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario
1904   Chicago, Illinois
1907   Buffalo, New York
1910   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1913   Madison, South Dakota
1916   Detroit, Michigan
1919   Chicago, Illinois
1922   St. Paul, Minnesota
1925   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1928   Chicago, Illinois
1931   Detroit, Michigan
1934   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1937   Portland, Oregon
1940   Burlington, Iowa
1944   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1946   Tacoma, Washington
1949   Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1952   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1955   Waco, Texas
1958   Edmonton, Alberta
1961   Minneapolis, Minnesota
1964   Sacramento, California
1967   Detroit, Michigan
1970   Winnipeg, Manitoba
1973   Wichita, Kansas
1976   Portland, Oregon
1979   Bismarck, North Dakota
1982   Niagara Falls, New York
1985   Anaheim, California
1988   Calgary, Alberta
1991   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1994   Dallas, Texas
1997   Edmonton, Alberta
2000   Sacramento, California
2003   Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2006   Estes Park, Colorado
2009   Winnipeg, Manitoba
2012   Orlando, Florida
2015   Sacramento, California
2018   Edmonton, Alberta
2021   Virtual Format (due to COVID-19)
2024   St. Paul, Minnesota