Regarding Hats (Part 2)

Since my last newsletter on the subject of ‘hats,’ I ended up being asked to wear one more as the NAB interim VP of International Missions.

Regarding Hats…

There’s a training exercise for short-term mission teams where you’re asked to share about your ‘Hat, Home, and Heart.’

Autumn Season Is Mission Season

Again, thanks for your continued prayers. Here are some highlights of the past couple of months.

The Power of Collaboration

In mid-September, three of our NAB missions leaders – Lyndell Campbell-Réquia, Randy Schmor, and Geoff Hartt – organized a summit of sorts in Brazil.

Back to How It All Started

You may be receiving this newsletter somewhat late this time around, as I was in Hungary with a Gateway Fuse short-term mission team for much of the past month or so.

Partnership for Peace

An article from Randy Schmor on the four foundations of partnership, a Gateway trip to Hungary, and the nightly themes for Triennial 2024.

Four Foundations of Partnership

Partnership seems to be one of those ‘self-defined’ words in the world of global missions in our day.

Passing the Baton?

As I’ve continued to serve in global missions over the years, sometimes I’ll be asked regarding sister-church partnerships, why?