Autumn Season Is Mission Season

Again, thanks for your continued prayers. Here are some highlights of the past couple of months.

The Power of Collaboration

In mid-September, three of our NAB missions leaders – Lyndell Campbell-Réquia, Randy Schmor, and Geoff Hartt – organized a summit of sorts in Brazil.

Back to How It All Started

You may be receiving this newsletter somewhat late this time around, as I was in Hungary with a Gateway Fuse short-term mission team for much of the past month or so.

Partnership for Peace

An article from Randy Schmor on the four foundations of partnership, a Gateway trip to Hungary, and the nightly themes for Triennial 2024.

Four Foundations of Partnership

Partnership seems to be one of those ‘self-defined’ words in the world of global missions in our day.

Passing the Baton?

As I’ve continued to serve in global missions over the years, sometimes I’ll be asked regarding sister-church partnerships, why?

Getting Back Out There (Part 2)

As I shared with a few people while traveling, it feels like I’ve been making up for lost time over these past six months in my ministry life with NAB Gateway.

A Recap and a Countdown

A recap of Camp Falcon Rock summer camp, and a countdown to Bonfire and Blue Ocean.