Leadership on Mission–January 19, 2016

Leadership and Formation
by Kent Carlson

One day the disciples of Jesus were having one of their typical arguments—a variation on the theme of who was the greatest. The petty and almost guileless cluelessness of these men is amazing at times. They loved Jesus very much, but they sure didn’t get him. I can relate. At any rate, Jesus, apparently weary of their childish bickering, called them together and said:

NAB Update

Strategy Team Meetings in Tucson, AZ
If you did not see it on social media last week, it was a monumental week in Tucson, Arizona, as regional ministers, executive committee members, field directors, cooperating organizations, and the NAB executive team came together for NAB Strategy Team meetings.

NAB Update

Passing of Jerry Fluth
In Jerry Fluth's story he writes, "Everybody wants to get to heaven, but few appear in a hurry to make the trip." Jerry knew for some time that his trip to heaven was on a fast track. He preferred a "Commencement" service and that is just what his family planned for at Faith Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN, on December 30, 2015. Jerry Fluth died December 18th at home. The family sang these words to "Pomp and Circumstance" at his commencement -
Commencement unto glory; now singing with the saints above.
Unfettered lungs burst with praises; adoring the One he loves.

NAB Update

Philippines Disaster Relief
In the wake of Typhoon Nona devastating areas of the Philippines on December 14 and 15, many in the North American Baptist family are

Leadership Newsletter December 2015

A Leadership Gift for You this Christmas

This Christmas, I want to give you a powerful gift, but one that is less than charming and sentimental. Bundled in my prayers for you is that you as a leader would have grit.

Etymologically, the word grit comes from the Old English word for small grains of stone. I assume those Europeans who first uttered the word were thinking of something small, tough, hard to get rid of, and almost indivisible. When the word migrated to North American English, it held the meaning "pluck, spirit, or firmness of mind."

Educational researchers, psychologists, and authors have stumbled again on the concept of grit in the last number of years and made it a matter of discussion.

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