God prepares his servants, missionary of the week

God Prepares His Servants

God is gracious to let us experience the wonder of His work to transform lives. It was over five years ago when we first met a dear couple, Leo and Wendy,* in a national church we partnered with. Both of them had become Christians while they studied in universities overseas and had recently returned home. We saw that they served the Lord wholeheartedly. They took on roles in the worship team, council committee, fellowship groups, and organized church events. With a hunger and thirst for God’s Word, they invited us to regularly lead Bible studies for them and other brothers and sisters. This invitation was the beginning of us discipling them and serving God with them together.

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New 2020 Intercessor

Welcome to the new Intercessor prayer calendar! This new version has been redesigned specifically to collectively focus our prayers on the four ends of the NAB Conference: missional initiatives, international missions, leadership formation, and ethnic partnerships. The prayer prompts for each week are set to align with one of these four ends.

Additionally, this new calendar has been created with longevity in mind. Rather than using up resources to mail a new calendar each month, the new Intercessor is designed to last through the end of the year. The first day of each month will start with the first prayer prompt, with each subsequent day following in order until you reach the last day of the month, at which point you will start again at the first prompt when the next month begins.

We hope this new Intercessor is not only a helpful tool for you in your prayer life, but we pray that it helps to unify us as we join in prayer together each day.

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Missionary of the week

May 3, 2020—Alcides Gonzales, Field Coordinator for Hispanics for Christ in San Lorenzo, Paraguay. Hispanics for Christ is a ministry focused on planting Hispanic churches. They provide vision casting, strategic planning, and coaching for church planters in the Americas. Alcides Gonzalez started out overseeing local Bible clubs in Paraguay. In 2010, he started an orphanage to serve a needy community. He is now focusing on planting new churches across Paraguay even as he serves as the pastor at Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Florida in San Lorenzo, where he has pastored since 1995. Pray for the continued training in evangelism and for the Gospel to spread throughout Paraguay.

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