God Prepares His Servants

God is gracious to let us experience the wonder of His work to transform lives. It was over five years ago when we first met a dear couple, Leo and Wendy,* in a national church we partnered with. Both of them had become Christians while they studied in universities overseas and had recently returned home. We saw that they served the Lord wholeheartedly. They took on roles in the worship team, council committee, fellowship groups, and organized church events. With a hunger and thirst for God’s Word, they invited us to regularly lead Bible studies for them and other brothers and sisters. This invitation was the beginning of us discipling them and serving God with them together.

God blessed the Bible study group greatly. Under our supervision, Leo and Wendy served joyfully and faithfully as lay leaders. Not only did it multiply into four groups in less than two years, it also enhanced the spiritual growth of many new believers. Our Lord gradually raised up numerous small group leaders. Throughout, Leo and Wendy continued to come to us for many questions about the Christian faith. We very much appreciated their enthusiasm in pursuing the knowledge of God. Prior to our one-year home assignment in 2017, we encouraged and trained them to take full responsibility for teaching the Seekers Class. They did an excellent job!

Clearly God is transforming the lives of Leo and Wendy and guiding each concerning their place in His plan. In January 2018, we invited them to join our short-term mission trip and serve together in Mexico. They prayed, responded, and rejoiced. Since evangelism is strictly prohibited in their home country, God deeply touched their hearts as they interacted with many lost souls. They grabbed every opportunity to share the Gospel. During the packed schedule of the mission trip, we always saw the joy and satisfaction on their faces. By God’s grace, this mission experience became a significant milestone in their journey of following Christ. Following this trip, they were called to full-time ministry and we encouraged them to equip themselves for ministry.

They started their part-time theological studies online last year. In January of this year, both of them made a decision to pursue full-time theological education. Although Wendy’s parents are non-believers and do not support the decision, Leo and Wendy put their trust in the Lord to guide their parents’ hearts. They were recently admitted into a full-time program at a seminary in the United States, and their studies are scheduled to start in September. We are very thankful and grateful for their obedience to God’s call. May God continue to direct their paths and use their lives as a channel of blessing for others.

* Pseudonyms

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