Leadership on Mission—September 27, 2016

Fruit of Your Labor

by Stu Streeter
NAB Vice President of Advancement

Fruit is a funny thing. And by funny, I mean insanely frustrating and beautifully rewarding. 

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Leadership on Mission—September 20, 2016

Leading Change
by Cam Roxburgh
NAB Vice President of Missional Initiatives

After finishing seminary in the early 1990s, I was offered opportunities to plant a church, start a soccer ministry, or become an associate pastor. It seemed clear to me that God was in the church planting option. I was a pastor’s kid and had seen churches led well. I had been introduced to many of the great men and women of God through my dad.

Leadership on Mission - September 13, 2016

Missional or Marsh-wiggle?
by Kent Carlson

NAB Vice President of Leadership Formation

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