Spotlight on Cameroon

Cameroon is a country of great diversity. In the early 1960s they gained independence from France and England, the two countries that controlled the territories that would join together to become the Republic of Cameroon as we know it today. Due to this varied colonial past the western provinces are English speaking while the rest of the country’s official language is French. However, the true diversity of this nation is evident in the 186 indigenous languages that are present among the many different tribal groups. What an amazing way to see the beauty and unique qualities of God’s creation in the variety this African country provides.

While Cameroon has many economic difficulties that are apparent throughout western sub-Saharan countries, unlike many others, they are blessed to have political stability. They have freedom of religion granted through their constitution, which allows the proclamation of the Gospel. There is a heavy presence of traditional African religions throughout the country, as well as a strong Muslim and Christian presence. Within their culture the spirit world is very real and ever present. This allows for many great openings for conversation and sharing that the one true God can transform lives through the Holy Spirit.

Cameroon has a long history within the North American Baptist Conference. This is the largest mission field where our commissioned missionaries are living, working and participating in ministry. The missionaries are involved in a variety of endeavors ranging from medical work to education to church planting. Gateway Teams has the opportunity to be involved by sending Explore teams for leadership training, children’s ministry, and building projects to name a few. We also have the joy of participating in Sister Partnerships with churches in Cameroon and the Youth Ministries of the Cameroon Baptist Convention.