About the Past 3 Months…

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About the Past 3 Months…

God seems to know what we need and when we’ll need it, doesn’t He? As I sit at my desk and think about the past 3 months, and the next 3 months, it’s clear to me that He knows what He’s doing and that His timing is perfect! The past 3 months included:

  • Short-Term Mission Leader Workshop in Elk Grove, CA
  • Blue Ocean Formational Retreat in Auburn, CA
  • Rowandale Baptist Mission Conference in Winnipeg, MB
  •  NAB Youth Leader Summit in Phoenix, AZ
  • Int’l Wholistic Mission Conference in Kansas City, KS
  • NAB Mission Leader Global Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Survey Trip in Lebanon


And the next 3 months will include:

  • Soul Care and Time Away!


Obviously, there’s A LOT I could share about the 7 different ministry opportunities I listed above and as the future unfolds, some of these will become major aspects (I believe) of Gateway Global’s future. But for now, my eyes are looking at the important work God wants to do in my heart and soul over these next weeks/months through this time of stepping away. I’d ask for your prayers in this time and I’d also like to challenge you to ask yourself an important question that my late friend Randy Reese asked me without fail, “How’s your soul?”

Please pray for me as I seek to answer that question in a fuller sense during this time ahead.

And blessings on you as you seek the answer to that question yourself…

For the Kingdom, Randy Schmor