Continuing our June Focus on Shepherding

The Preacher as Shepherd

by Kerry Bender
VP of NAB International Missions

Too often we think that it is great theologians who make great preachers. I want to suggest that it is actually great pastors who make great preachers. We must remember that the great reformers Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli were not first theologians; they were first pastors, and their concerns were pastoral concerns. It was their love and care for their congregations that led them to change the world.

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Servant Link

The latest Servant Link, NAB’s publication that connects retired NAB workers with one another, with the NAB, and with God, is now available online! Check it out below.

We are rejoicing with God for a wonderful time at this year’s Retired Workers’ Retreat that happened last month in Sumas, Washington. Thank you to Randy Tschetter, Chris Gorman, and Yuri Nakano for speaking and sharing in this time.

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Missionary of the Week

Elsie Lewandowski, NAB Missionary, Cameroon.Elsie has been working with missionary families in Cameroon for twenty-three years, traveling to the families who homeschool their children to set lesson plans and teach more in-depth subjects. Elsie’s current role still involves teaching and travel, but rather than visiting families in various different areas of Cameroon, she has been bouncing back and forth between Bamenda, her home, and Yaoundé, where she is serving in a variety of ways. She is currently in Bamenda this month. Pray for contentment since lately each week has been a new project or city. Continue to pray for the ongoing crisis in Cameroon, which is now coming up to its third year; ask God to bring resolution, but more importantly that God would continue to work in the hearts and lives of the Cameroonians through this period of unrest. For more information, visit

Missionary/Church Planter of the Week