Shepherding the Suffering

Shepherding the Suffering

Wayne Stapleton
Renewal Church, Warren, MI

Perhaps when it comes to Christian leadership, God is after something simpler, more relational. Suffering also reminds us of our common humanity. The thing that is so important about being in a community where there is suffering is being in community with the suffering. To suffer in community is to grieve with presence, sometimes in silence, sometimes in seeking the Lord together. How we minister in the midst of suffering must invoke the only One who can truly comfort, the Holy Spirit. Those who are suffering are not looking for pithy words of wisdom or intellectual brilliance. They are in pain and need the presence of the Lord.

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Church Planter of the Week

Derek Fekkes, Roots Church, Stanwood, Washington.Pastor Derek grew up in the community of Stanwood and Camano Island, and he returned in 2013 with his wife, Annlee, with the goal of planting a new church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus. Roots Church opened in April 2017. They strive to be a diverse group of believers, unified in the Gospel. Sometime this month Roots Church will be moving into their own space rather than sharing a facility with an existing church, which will allow them to meet on Sunday mornings. Pray that this transition is smooth and that this space would provide a greater platform for the Gospel to be heard and witnessed in their community. Pray for godly, qualified elder candidates. Visit to find out more about Roots Church.

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