Great Times of Connecting

Times of Connecting

We are made to live connected…to God and each other.

As we sat around tables, we shared with one another what God is doing in our lives and churches. One of the highlights of our time together is Table Talk. While enjoying delicious food, we shared thoughts about focused topics concerning women in ministry. We spent beautiful moments listening and encouraging one another as women talked about their personal struggles in life and ministry.

Click below to read more about how the Women’s Connection Leadership Team has been able to connect this past year with women from various NAB associations.

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Regional Ministers’ Retreat

This past weekend the NAB Executive Team, Regional Ministers, and their wives met for a retreat in San Diego, California. It was a time of great fellowship and refreshment. Dr. Glen Scorgie, Professor of Theology and Ethics at Bethel University’s San Diego campus, was the speaker on Friday and Saturday. He spoke deeply into the hearts and souls of each person present about the utmost importance of the formation of the inner life of the Christian leader. As part of his presentations, he shared his own biographical journey that included being part of the North American Baptist Conference as a professor and administer at the former North American Baptist College in Edmonton, Alberta. He spoke of his deep appreciation of the pietism and irenic spirit that has shaped the NAB from the very beginning and encouraged us by stating that the Church and the world needs this spirit more now than ever before. You can read this biographical statement by clicking below. 

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The Joy of Blue Ocean

Just a few days ago, October 28 to be precise, about 45 of us NAB’ers gathered together in Vancouver for the beginning of another round of Blue Ocean. To be honest, Blue Ocean did not begin through some clever strategy of ours; God gave it to us, and He has used it to create a renewed vision of who He is and how we might join Him in our context. And it seems to get better, richer, and more revealing each time we begin afresh.

Click below to read more from Cam Roxburgh on the most recent Blue Ocean experience. 

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Church Planter of the Week

John Cassidy, Hope Community Church, Antelope, California. Hope Community Church launched in March of this year. Since then, they have baptized fifteen people, and there are currently ten mid-week community groups, including one being co-led by a man who was among the recently baptized. Hope Community desires to partner with a local elementary school, so pray that God would open doors for healthy relationships to form and grow. Pray for their developing leaders, as well as for the Cassidy family: John, Sarah, Mason, and Cameron. If you would like to find out more about Hope Community Church, visit

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