Day, February 25—Introduction

On the copyright page of North American Hymnal, first published by the NAB in 1956, there is a note to the worshiper that reads in part, “As you join with others in the responses and in singing, may the sense of unity with the people of God everywhere be strengthened and the discords of life be subdued in love and adoration for Christ.”

In the coming days and weeks of this Lenten season, a selection of songs out of that beloved NAB hymnal, as well as a few additional hymns, will be used as a springboard for delving into the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

Like all hymns, contemporary praise songs, and calls to worship, each of these songs from decades and centuries is an invitation to approach the throne of grace and seek God’s face in worship and adoration. Join with your brothers and sisters in Christ from across national borders, generations, and worship traditions in preparing our hearts for the celebration that is Easter Sunday.