A call to fast and pray Good Friday

A Call to Fast and Pray

By Kent Carlson, VP of Leadership Formation

Going through Holy Week during a world-wide pandemic is a surreal and daunting task. So many are suffering in overwhelming ways. Medical workers and other public servants, not to mention all sorts of essential workers who are keeping the wheels of society turning, are daily at risk of contracting Covid-19. Yet, in the midst of great suffering and anxiety, there are countless acts of compassion and sacrifice occurring every day. The world is in a time of great turmoil and followers of Jesus are called to sacrificially love this world that is precious to God.

Therefore, the North American Baptist Conference, in solidarity with those who are suffering throughout this world, and in unity with the National Association of Evangelicals and many denominations and Christian churches and organizations, encourage all NAB churches to join together on this Good Friday for a day of prayer and fasting. Let us together carry the pain of this world and cry out to God for his healing and peace.

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Standing with Our Asian Sisters and Brothers

By Wayne Stapleton, VP of Cross-Cultural Engagement

Human responses to the coronavirus pandemic have been broad and extensive.  Some have been beautiful; acts of service and sacrifice that reflect God’s common grace.  Others have been hate-filled and angry.  Regarding the latter, Asians have experienced a rising wave of oppression, ostensibly on the part of those who place blame for the virus at the feet of Asians.  One report lists 1,000 incidents of racism against Asian Americans in just the last two weeks of March.

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Serving Together to Maintain Mission

By Richard Brown, CFO and Acting Executive Director

In these unprecedented times of global pandemic wisdom and foresight continue to be an essential gift leaders give to the churches they lead. Due to the urgency of US funds and widespread confusion on how the process works, we have scheduled a Zoom call for Wednesday at 1:30 PM Pacific for US NAB pastors and administrators who would like to engage in a discussion regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

We will present key components of both the CARES Act and FFCRA as we currently understand those, followed by a discussion around questions that arise.  Everyone is invited, both those who have already done research and those who have not.  We are not experts and the landscape continues to change, so it is quite possible some of you have better or more current answers to share with the rest of us.  Our hope is for this meeting to be a healthy interaction among NAB churches.

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Additional Resources for this Holy Week

Passover Seder, Thursday

This annual experience of Parkland Baptist Church led by Pastor Josh Munan is now going online and they have invited their NAB family to join in. You can read more on the event and register to join the livestream here.

Good Friday Stations of Prayer, Friday

Last year Disciples Church transformed their facilities into an interactive prayer experience. This year they have taken it online and invite you to share the experience. You can view the intro video here, or  Click here for the online prayer experience.