Racial Reconciliation Sunday, February 14

To Love is to Listen

Last week, we let you know about Racial Reconciliation Sunday, which is taking place on February 14. One of the best ways of participating in this day is by taking time to listen to others with different backgrounds. Wayne Stapleton, VP of Cross-Cultural Engagement, shares the importance of listening in showing love.

The church of Jesus Christ can be a very strong witness to the love of God and the power of the gospel in many ways, but one way is through the pursuit of unity across ethnicity and culture, standing with the oppressed and marginalized. And we can do this by listening in relationship. Too often, conversations about cross-cultural engagement consist of more debate than true dialogue, more theory than practice, more competition than compassion. Though we may testify to biblical fidelity, a scriptural command is to outdo one another in showing honor. If we are to grow together in unity and love, we need to listen better.

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