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Blue Ocean Retreat

Over the last four days, nearly fifty NAB pastors, church leaders, and NAB executive staff gathered for two events at a Christian retreat center in Auburn, California, to explore together at deep levels how God’s Spirit is moving and instructing in their own interior lives, in their churches, and in their neighborhoods and communities. Focusing on their need for each other as a community of pastors and leaders, their desire to attend to the Spirit’s leading, and their longing to simply be with God, this group worshiped, fellowshipped, shared stories, explored scripture, spent time in quiet, and learned as a community of leaders. These events, known as Blue Ocean and The Bonfire, led by Cam Roxburgh and Kent Carlson, will continue into the future with more leaders engaging in these spiritual formation and missional initiative conversations.

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Leadership Teleconference

We are looking forward to having Scot McKnight leading our next Leadership Teleconference discussing his book, A Fellowship of Differents: Showing the World God’s Design for Life Together, discovering what can happen when love, justice, peace, and reconciliation flow from the diversity God created!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle into this timely, provocative, and challenging book on what it means to be the church. McKnight’s conversational style and his perceptive insights to American Christian culture combine with his expert analysis of Scripture to illuminate God’s design for Christian fellowship. An essential read for all who long for the church to live out its calling. —Lynn Cohick, professor of New Testament, Wheaton College

This teleconference gathering is open to all NAB leaders, pastors, and guests. Why not gather a group of three or four leaders, read, and discuss this book together? Then join other NAB leaders on May 25 for our discussion with Scot; click below for more information.

Leadership Teleconference

Unfathomable Transformation

It’s not too late to contribute to the Global Missions Fund through the 2017 Spring Missions Offering. Consider partnering with us to support our missionaries who are experiencing unfathomable transformation across the globe! Find out more by clicking the link below, or let us know how we can better resource your church to support Global Missions in sharing the redemptive story of the Gospel to all corners of creation.

Spring Missions


Missionary/Church Planter of the Week

Paul serves as the NAB field director for the mission field of Japan and works closely with the Japan Baptist Conference. They have less than three months left on their year-long home assignment. Pray for this upcoming transition, especially with their oldest son, Noah, staying behind so he can start college in the fall. Also pray for Komyo Christian Church, the church the Ewings helped plant in Japan; ask God to help the members of the church work out their faith and grow as a family of God. Visit nabonmission.org/missionaries/paul-melissa-ewing to find out more.

Click below to view our NAB Missions website where you can find updates and information on our NAB missionaries and fields.

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