The International Office has recently announced the resignation of Gord and Denise Erickson from their position as "Hostel Parents" in Younde, Cameroon. The Ericksons have served for three years in this position. In addition to the love and guidance they have provided for missionary children, Gord has also overseen the construction of the new hostel house for students and the basement apartment for NAB teachers. We so appreciate this family and the lasting contribution they have made into many students' lives.

This brings us to a need for new international missionaries. In addition to this new need for hostel parents in Cameroon, NAB currently has five more career international missionary positions that we are seeking to fill. We are seeking mature leaders who can invest in national leaders in East Asia, Hungary, Cameroon, and Japan. We also have many opportunities for pastors to provide intensive theological education classes in Russia, Brazil, Philippines, and Cameroon. You can explore all of these opportunities at

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