Leadership Newsletter October 2015

Communicating as a Leader

As a leader, I’m fascinated by the political dramas that are playing out in front of me as both the U.S. and Canada are in the midst of election cycles. Knowing that communication through words, images, and story is a core tactic for persuasion and influence on leaders, I’m intrigued to watch how the communication of facts and realities is used and abused. I recently perused one of the fact-checking websites that seeks to isolate the verbal missteps of politicians. Articles from the website used words like “misrepresented,” “no evidence,” “not exactly accurate,” ”wrong,” and “impossible to prove” in response to various political communications.

NAB Update

Prayer Initiative
Fall is upon us and so is the invitation to Partner in Prayer. Take the challenge to set aside 7 minutes each day at either 7:00am or 7:00pm to seek the Lord in prayer for our conference, leaders, and churches. 

NAB Update

Partnered in Prayer

This time last year, Dan, our then interim executive director, made a heartfelt and directed "Call to Prayer" for our conference of churches. The response was overwhelming and encouraging as we gathered all over North America and beyond to lift the name of Jesus high and listen for the Spirit's whispers. Again, Dan is calling us to pray and inviting us into intimacy with God. Keep a look out in the next few weeks for your PARTNERED IN PRAYER materials designed to serve you and your congregation as you seek the presence of God in these days.

NAB Update

Regional Ministers' Orientation

The International Office was full of activity this past week as a number of our regional ministers joined us for a few days of orientation, training, and brainstorming. The Kingdom work before us is great and the partnership between the International Office and the regions has never been stronger as we look forward to ways we can serve together. 

Thanksgiving Devotionals

NAB News Release - New Executive Director

NAB News Release

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