Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

We are happy to share that after a few weeks in the hospital due to COVID-19, Valdir, the maintenance supervisor at Chain of Love in Brazil, has been released! He has been released to return home to continue his recovery. Most of the damaged caused by COVID-19 has been treated, but he’s still debilitated and in need of a lot of rest and respiratory physiotherapy. Keep him in prayer.

Unfortunately, another member of the Chain of Love staff who caught COVID-19 around the same time, Sandra, the housemother for the Transition Home, passed away a few weeks ago. As Chain of Love rejoices over Valdir’s health, they continue to mourn for Sandra. Please keep the staff and children in your prayers.

Chain of Love is an NAB partner organization in Brazil led by Telmo Camargo. Chain of Love operates a system of foster homes with house parents who are committed to the integral care of the children and adolescents, providing them with healthy development and a good quality of life. You can learn more at their website: www.larcolmeia.com.br/home_en. You can also provide financial support to Chain of Love’s ongoing ministry by visiting nabconference.org/give/chain-of-love.

Triennial 2021

As July 9–11 continues to draw ever nearer, there is still plenty of time to sign up for the NAB’s first-ever all-virtual Triennial. Under the theme of Reimagine Hospitality, we will examine biblical hospitality and its repercussions for our daily lives: learning to be a grateful guest, not just the host; giving to the most vulnerable with no hope of reciprocity; and being a true friend to the lowly, never seeking to climb the social ladder.

Efrem Smith, Julie Canlis, and James Cheong will help guide us through the ancient Christian practice of hospitality that we find central to the life and teachings of Jesus and his earliest followers. Join us for Triennial 2021 as we seek to Reimagine Hospitality.

Register today for free at www.nabtriennial.com and you’ll automatically be signed up to receive the latest updates about what you can expect.