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Red Ocean - Blue Ocean. These terms describe those who can be reached for Christ through attending church (Red Ocean), and those who will need to be reached through other means (Blue Ocean). As the church has become marginalized, we must learn to live as a Faithful Presence on the margins of culture, so that we can introduce people to Jesus in a way that they will hear.

Two years ago, we began a year-long (3 events/year) journey with 25 NAB leaders. The goal was to evoke missional/formational conversation and to create a movement within the NAB that would discern what God is doing in the places where He has sent us (local neighbourhoods). It went so well, we decided to hold another round. The second was bigger than the first as we had 35 participate. With training in Vancouver (Missional Theology), Chicago (missional Ecclesiology) and Sacramento (Formation), we have gained momentum. The sense of community has been outstanding.

It is time for year three, and we are ready for another 35 leaders on this journey. We will fill places for this third year in the next number of weeks. Our first meeting will be in Vancouver in October, followed by a second in Sacramento in February. Our final meeting will be held in Chicago in April.

If you are interested in participating, we would be delighted to speak to you about what is expected. We encourage those who are available for all three meetings to apply, and invite each leader to bring one or more others from the church. The experience is most valuable when there are multiple people from a church who can then discuss what is being taught and dream together how this can be worked out in each local church.

Please email us to discuss this further


Kent Carlson
Vice President of Leadership Formation
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Cam Roxburgh
Vice President Missional Initiatives
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Lisa Schmidt
Administrative Assistant, Leadership Formation & Missional Initiatives
(916) 797-6222 ext 237
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