Talking about Suffering This Month

Talking about Suffering This Month

Throughout September, we will be providing you with articles, videos, and other resources to help you minister in the midst of and to those who are suffering. Click above to hear from Stu Streeter, VP of Church Planting and Ministry Advancement, as he shares part of his story and provides a biblical perspective on suffering.

Missional Voice: Volume 3

A resource to help you to better follow in the footsteps of our missional God.

The Missional Voice is a collection of articles from various theologians and practitioners, aimed at making us stay true to a biblical hermeneutic and yet foster an imagination for how God may be leading His people to join Him on mission in North America.

Below you’ll find a link to Volume 3 of The Missional Voice: Loving God with All Our Hearts. Volumes 1 and 2 can also be found at the link below.

We invite you to read, apply, and respond concerning the content of these articles. We have been successful in the writing of these articles if by some change the Spirit of God uses them to cultivate a heart for joining Him on mission and spur an action that comes from the people of your church. We welcome all questions and comments about these articles.

Click to read Volume 3: Loving God with All Our Hearts

Church Planter of the Week

Bobby Gaither, Hope Fellowship, Hillsboro, Oregon. Hope Fellowship is a church plant that merged with an existing church. They are located in a rural city becoming urban, with a mix of affluence and poverty. The culture of Hope Fellowship is growing roots in the Gospel, and fruit is being manifest in the lives of the people. They have celebrated four baptisms and are seeing new life in and around the church body. Pray the people of Hope Fellowship to be salt and light in their community and that they would grow in Gospel fluency. You can keep track of what’s happening at Hope Fellowship by visiting You can also listen to Bobby on his podcast with fellow NAB pastor Nick Jackson of Timberline Baptist, Satisfied in Christ (

Missionary/Church Planter of the Week