The Process of Deciding, Discerning, and Doing


by Cam Roxburgh
NAB VP of Missional InitiativeIn light of this three-article series on discernment, it seems appropriate to finish with a final article on some practical application. This piece covers some decisions we need to make, some examples of discernment processes we can apply (including two book reviews), and then finally an encouragement towards actually doing, or putting what we have discerned into practice.Deciding – Who Is God?
Alan Roxburgh says in Joining God, Remaking the Church, Changing the World, “So many of the assumptions about church, such as it having a central place in people’s live, no longer hold. The questions churches are asking—like “How do we attract people?”—are not connecting with the actual people in our neighborhoods. It’s clear to us that things are not going to go back to the way they were, either in the church or in our daily lives.”

I believe that we cannot solve the current crisis we face in the church in the West by tweaking our current methods. We simply cannot just try harder at our existing programs and hope that we will get better results. Instead, we need a new imagination for paying attention to what God is doing and participating with Him on mission.

We need to make decisions on what we believe about who God is and therefore who we are and how we will live. Here are some examples….

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Calvin and Susanne Hohn, NAB Missionaries in Cameroon. Calvin Hohn serves in the role of leading and coordinating for both NAB missionary ministries and the Cooperating Missions for the Cameroon Baptist Convention. While Calvin and Susanne live and work in Bamenda, the capital city, their youngest daughter, Elianna, is seven hours away attending the Rain Forest International School. Their other daughter, Ysabelle, is in Canada attending her first year of college. Calvin, Susanne, and Elianna are in areas of the country that are relatively safe, despite the ongoing unrest, but continue to pray against the violence and discord between the English- and French-speaking populations, asking God to use His people to lead the way of peace, forgiveness, and resolution. For more information, visit

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