Kingdom Partnerships Flourishing Amidst Coronavirus

In the midst of the news coming out daily surrounding the coronavirus global pandemic, much of what we hear seems only to stoke fear, but we wanted to share just one of the stories of God at work even in these uncertain times.

When Rain Forest International School in Yaounde, Cameroon, joined many of the schools worldwide who are closing or converting to online-only education to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, it did not have the resources in place to continue classes online. Stacy Bender, the director of the online program at Crosslake Community School in Minnesota and wife of Kerry Bender, the NAB VP of International Missions, heard about the RFIS closure and had an idea to help the students and staff. Stacy contacted Kristi TenClay, NAB missionary and director of RFIS, to discuss if Pathwright, an online education platform, might be a good fit for the school. She then reached out to Greg Henson, the president of Sioux Falls Seminary, to see if he could supply RFIS with teacher and student accounts from the SFS Pathwright account. He enthusiastically agreed, and Kristi and Greg, along with the team at SFS, got everything set up. In addition, Stacy and the curriculum coordinator she works with in Minnesota are on standby to assist Kristi and the rest of the RFIS staff with support in course creation and professional development.

Praise God for the way He continues to weave together the NAB family so that each part is able to support and care for the others.