Ministry Amidst Pandemic, Stories to Lift Us All

Ministry amidst pandemic

Written by Nicole Weidokal – Local + Global Missions Coordinator at Heartland Community Church

It’s a strange time to be the church. How do you reach out and serve those in need and still comply with social distancing? When one of our interns said simply, ‘I’d love to deliver groceries to the elderly that are at risk and can’t leave their homes,’ a new ministry we’re calling Love Dash was born.

Through Love Dash, we’re providing free, no-contact delivery of online grocery and meal orders to our most at-risk populations. We’re also delivering free meals to those in need through our Local Missions Partners. By mobilizing volunteer drivers who agree to comply with CDC safety standards, we’re able to serve as a connection between the food resources available and those who are unable to leave their homes.

In addition to those in need, we’ve also been able to serve the elderly in our congregation. Sharon Korfmacher had hip replacement surgery just as the coronavirus came to Ohio and was unable to prepare meals at home. We delivered a week’s worth of meals while she recovered. Sharon said to her driver through a text after receiving her delivery, “We’re hugging you with all our hearts and pray the Lord continues to bless others through Love Dash as it blessed us today.”

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